Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bargain shopping

A few weeks ago, I saw on, a beautiful quote by Dior expressing what I feel is the essential ingredient to looking great. Its not about how much money you have but about understanding.

Tips to getting amazing stuff without skipping lunch
1. Only buy things on sale. You know what looks good and what is beautiful. Designers and store have to get rid of product not because the product isn't good anymore but its no longer profitable. They take advantage of the fact that people don't always know what looks good or whats in style, but just what other people tell them is stylish. Which is why they are constantly updating their line with the same basic pieces with little to no change.
2. Buy things on sale on sale- this is where it gets tricky, the key is to find the LAST piece of the entire collection for 70% off. Its just as perfect as everything else but since theres only ONE piece, the stores need to get rid of it! This can get annoying because things are rarely ever in my size- but if you have the time, you can save tons and tons of money!
3. Only buy the piece if you love it so much you would have bought it at full price. People often make the mistake of buying items because its cheap. Only buy items you love or else it'll just sit on your closet collecting dust.

Things I bought yesterday @ Loehmann's
By Green Envelope- Original cost $100 bought for $10
By BCBG- Original cost $70 bought for $13
By Soprano- original cost $40 bought for $9

By BCBG- original cost $70 bought for $13
And the shorts are made by Citizens of Humanities which I bought this winter for $15
The universe loved me yesterday- I did a happy dance :)
Notice everything is grey (and black)- I've been inspired by Club Monaco and I love thick ruffles
(Everything is styled with the shorts that I already had on since my girl friend Jess Chou (currently interning at Bon Appetite Magazine) took the pictures for me. I just wanted to show you the items, not necessarily how I'd wear them)


  1. i totally agree! you should never buy something just because it's a good deal. you have to really love it.

    the BCBG shirt is my favorite! you found some great buys.

  2. wow, i love your sense of style and frugality.

  3. love your style. :) especially number 2 and 4

  4. that skirt is so cute! i love it. :D

  5. Awesome buys!
    And i agree 100% with those tips. I always try to splurge on items that are of good quality and classic style, that i know i'll be able to keep wearing season after season. If i'm liking a certain trend, i'll update my wardrobe with cheaper stuff.